c) google science fair

  • Google science fair finalists.

Look at the photo and write down 5 words







watch the following video. What is it about? (write a sentence or if you can’t write down words)


Now use all the information to answer:


You want to explain this competition to someone, you must organize your ideas, you must be logical.

(the five question words will always help you to understand and to write)

check point:

  • he, she and it: you will be careful not to mix them up.
  • present simple to talk about general things, you will not forget the -s at the 3rd person singular.
  • S+V+C = sentence. you will never forget the subject and the verb.




Watch the following video and be prepared to get as much information about this person.

read the following text…

You are the journalist who wrote this article but your editor doesn’t want this type of article, he only wants questions and answers.

Find the questions you asked him! (highlight the probable answers in the text first, then choose the correct question word)

Watch the video above and try to get the main information. Oups this video is a little longer than the one we saw in class, can you find what she explains?


Yes but you’re not a kid anymore, you can do better. Organise and connect the sentences.