Don’t worry, be happy! You can all do this!

Due date: November 7th with the device or the storage of your choice. I booked the computer room, so don’t forget, that is NOT POSSIBLE!

Form: Any kind of video, that can be from a smartphone, a tablet, a camera … don’t be too old-fashioned, I will not accept Super 8 films!

Subjet: You have just seen the following advert


Of course you are the best and you want to win the super prize!


  • for all the grammar go to http://catilb.fr/?page_id=296
  • use the vocabulary you have learnt (book page 17), don’t sound like a baby!
  • Stay cool, it’s fun and not so hard.
  • look at the person you’re talking to, that is cool and polite. By the way here it is the camera!
  • Don’t write any sentences, don’t read, just try to talk
  • you can use the following workwheet


of course you can download this worksheet here: final-task